Our employees accomplished numerous training courses so we could widen our offer list. Eg.:

  • We can analyze and repair devices which are used in connection with GSM data traffic and use GSM technology and technincs.
  • Training courses: Agilent and Hewlett Packard high frequency measurements
  • Network analysis and measurement equipment knowledge. For instance Rohde&Schwarz CMU 200 and CMD 55 training for GSM system and system check tests.
  • Analyze and repair digital and analog television transmitter and receiver equipment. Test and repair different types of screen controlling electronics.
  • Training courses: Television broadcasting training
  • Digital Video Broadcasting training (DVB-T)
  • Build up and principles of different screen types (AMLCD, TFT, stb.)
  • We offer soldering huge amount of circuits including BGA soldering with short deadlines. Our offer includes BGA ball grid renewal too.
  • Training courses: Knowledge of different soldering technologies (SMD, BGA, PLCC)
  • LEAD FREE technology knowledge
  • Our knowledge in production and process controlling makes us able to plan how to reduce the manufacturing failure rate in a cost efficient way
  • Beside these we offer analizing, repairing and failure locating of any digital or controller circuit.
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