Synetron Kft. is mainly interested in repairing and producing different electronic devices. The goal of our company to ensure the quality of our products, provisions and to fulfill our customers’ need.
In order that our employees are engaged in doing their best to achieve the best quality. We use as good material as we can so as to produce reliable equipments and up-to-date solutions are applied. Quality management is very important to the leaders of the company and also to the employees. Everybody is rensponsible for his/her job and has to do the best for the contentment of the customers. Our documentation system is regularly updated to keep step with newer and newer demands. We give chance to our colleagues if they have ideas how to improve the company and coniniously interview them to check if they are satisfied.
Our company is customer centric. We do our best to suit the customers’ requirements. If it’s needed we develop our technology and producing system. The colleagues are continiously trained also we repeatedly check the tidy and clean workstations. Additionaly we stand out for protecting natural environment.
The Synetron Electronics Szolgáltató Kft. goes for reputation, appreciation and deserved result with its provisions.